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Important Information regarding parking

Posted on July 17, 2021

Attention City of New Buffalo Residents and Guests,

As we continue to work towards improving the quality of life for the guests and citizens of New Buffalo, we are launching the enforcement of ordinances put in place to create and maintain a connected, prospering, safe and vibrant environment. As you have seen in the reviewing and modification of some of our city policies, we take the responsibility seriously. A measure taken towards the maintaining of community standards has been the hiring of a code enforcement officer. With this added layer of administration, we will further be able to respond to citizen concerns and be proactive in fostering a community within our municipality. As you can imagine, this is a quite the undertaking and we appreciate your understanding as these steps are implemented in our neighborhoods. Please see the included City of New Buffalo Code and Ordinance excerpts regarding recreational vehicle storage and vehicle parking in lawns to make sure you are meeting city restrictions.

Thank you for joining in our commitment to build a flourishing and cohesive city!

A vehicle or equipment intended for temporary or periodic use for recreational or leisure pursuits. Such vehicles shall include boats, airplanes, special purpose automobiles, floats,       rafts,trailers, snowmobiles, camping or travel trailers, motorized homes, detachable travel equipment of the type adaptable to light trucks, and other equipment or vehicles of a similar nature.

Section 3-20Storage of recreational equipment.
Recreational equipment may be parked outside of an enclosed building on any lot within a residential district, provided that the following requirements are met:


On any lot in a residential district, recreational equipment shall not be located within the front yard. If located on a through lot, recreational equipment shall not be located in the front yard, or required rear yard.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, recreational equipment may be parked within any yard, but not within the required setback area, for cleaning, loading, or unloading purposes for not more than 48 hours within any seven-day period.

Section 15-2Location of parking.


One- and two-family dwellings. Required on-premises parking shall be provided on the same lot or parcel as the dwellings it is intended to serve. With the exception of driveways, no parking shall be allowed closer than 10 feet to a street right-of-way line. Driveways for single-family dwellings shall not exceed 30 feet in width. Total driveway width for two-family dwellings shall not exceed 48 feet. In no instance shall the total area devoted to driveways and parking areas for one or two-family dwellings exceed one-third of the front-yard area. Section

15-3General requirements.


Parking location standards.


The parking of any vehicle on-in other than a designated parking area approved for such parking by the Planning Commission shall be prohibited.


The parking of any vehicle on any lawn or landscaped area shall be prohibited. The Planning commission may require any person or business responsible for converting lawn or landscaped areas to parking, without having received site plan approval, to restore such areas to their original state.


For all residential uses, the parking of motor homes, boats, trailers and other large recreational equipment in the front yard for longer than 48 hours in any seven-day period shall be prohibited.


Off-street parking shall not be required for permitted and special nonresidential uses within the CBD District where the owner can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Planning Commission that adequate parking is available to serve the use on-street, in a community parking lot, and/or through a shared arrangement with other nearby uses. This exemption shall not apply to residential uses in the CBD District.

Meeting, Ordinance, and Zoning Information is available at: www.cityofnewbuffalo.org
City of New Buffalo: 224 W. Buffalo ST. New Buffalo, MI 49117

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