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DDA – Downtown Development Authority

DDA Members

About the DDA - Downtown Development Authority

Authorized by authorized by General Ordinances, Chapter ??, Article ??.

The DDA meets on the second Thursday of the month in March, May, September and November, at 8:00 AM, at City Hall or by electronic meeting.  It is important to check the City calendar to confirm meeting dates, times, and details.

The recording secretary for the DDA is the City Clerk Office.

Eight members are appointed with staggered, four-year terms.  The Mayor is also included as a member.  The chair and vice-chair are selected annually.

DDA Development & Tax Increment Financing Plan

For information on the Downtown Development Authority Development & Tax Increment Financing Plan please see document below.

Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape Plan

In August 2009, the Business Improvement District Board of Directors conducted a Downtown Study.  This Study was based upon results of a downtown survey which was posted online, noticed in newspapers, mailed to a sample of 678 resident households (153 responses; 23%), given to 62 students, and 18 downtown businesses were interviewed personally.  A grant from the Pokagon Fund made this study possible.

The results from this Downtown Study were used by the Business Improvement District (BID) Board of Directors to create the BID's Downtown Streetscape Plan, completed January 2010.

The City has used the research of this Plan to get grant funding to pave South Whittaker Street in 2014. Downtown infrastructure and streetscape is a priority project of the City Council.

Master Plan

The City has the DRAFT Master Plan available below. This link was updated on May 2, 2016 which includes an updated page 17.

Downtown Development Authority

In August 2013, the Business Improvement District Board of Directors approved a resolution requesting the City Council to establish a Downtown Development Authority.

DDA Boundary Map

Download DDA Boundary Map

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