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Recycling and Disposal Information






Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal is the current recycling and waste contractor for the City.  Collection day will be every Wednesday, except when a holiday falls on Wednesday with collection the following day.


Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal will conduct solid waste and yard waste/brush collection services every week on Wednesdays . Lakeshore will also conduct recycling collection services every other week on Wednesdays on the following dates for 2018:

  • January 10 and 24                                   

  • February 7 and 21

  • March 7 and 21                                           

  • April 4 and 18

  • May 2, 16 and 31                                          

  • June 13 and 27

  • July 11 and 25                                              

  • August 8 and 22

  • September 6 and 19                                       

  • October 3, 17 and 31

  • November 14 and 28                                     

  • December 12 and 27

 Please click here  for the 2018 Berrien County Recycling Event Schedule.

Yard Waste

Lakeshore will be collecting all yard waste from April 1 to October 31 every Wednesday. Materials collected include grass, brush, leaves, weeds and limbs up to 4" in diameter no longer than 4 feet. All material other than limbs should be in biodegradable bags, a 32 gallon can or bundle tied with a 50 pound limit. Residents may lease a 64 gallon cart from Lakeshore at a rate of $3.00/month billed to the resident, please contact Lakeshore, 269-231-5623 or 877-LAKE-877 (877-525-3877).

Please contact Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal with any questions or concerns.

The City will continue to collect leaves raked to the curb in the spring and fall and will ONLY collect brush resulting from storm damage.

Collection Containers

Each City customer is entitled to one ninety-five (95) gallon roll-out cart for solid waste at no charge.

Recyclables should placed in either:

  1. An eighteen (18) gallon recycling bin marked with the City logo; or,
  2. A ninety-five (95) gallon recycling roll-out cart, which is available by calling Lakeshore at 877-LAKE-877; or,
  3. Additional amounts of recyclables beyond the amounts in the recycling container(s) may be placed in either brown paper grocery bags or transparent plastic bags. There is no limit to the amount of recyclables which may be placed out by customers for collection.

Collection containers must be placed at ground level on the customer's property, on or adjacent to the curbing or pavement edge and within the right-of-way of an opened public street abutting the front side of the unit's property to be accessible not more than six (6) feet from the side of the street from which collection is made.

Recycling collection service handles the following items:
"Recyclables".  Waste, including newspapers and inserts, paperboard, cardboard, corrugated paper, magazines, telephone directories, clear, brown and green glass, aluminum, steel and tin cans, lids and foils, and PETE (No. 1), HDPE-1 (No. 2) and HDPE-2 (No. 2) plastic containers and lids. Also includes any material(s) which may become mandated as a recyclable by any local, state, or federal agency.  You may place any of these items in either the 18 Gallon Recycle Bin or the 95 Gallon Recycle Rollout Cart for pickup.


Bulky Waste
The contractor for the City's solid waste collection service is also responsible for collecting Bulky Waste which may be placed along the normal solid waste collection area; however, customers need to notify Lakeshore Recycling & Disposal at 877-525-3877 prior to collection day.
"Bulky Waste". Any items excluding prohibited materials which, combined or separated, are over and above any volume, length, size, and/or quantity restrictions required for normal collection.

Prohibited Materials
The City's contractor for recycling and solid waste collection services is not required to collect Prohibited Materials:  
"Prohibited Materials".  All appliances containing chlorofluorocarbons (C.F.C.'s) including but not limited to refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Also includes large amounts of scrap metal, lumber, and construction or demolition debris which is more than two cubic yards (2 cu. yds) in volume, longer than four feet (4 ft) in length, and/or unbundled. Also includes compostible organic matter resulting from the maintenance of lawns, gardens, landscaping, and trees, including grass clippings, tree branches, brush, and leaves. Also includes tires and any other material which is or may become unlawful to place in a landfill by any local, state, or federal agency.
Some Prohibited Materials may be collected by Lakeshore Recycling & Disposal under certain conditions at their discretion.  Please contact them for information regarding specific needs, 877-525-3877.  Please make other arrangements for materials which will not be collected by Reliable Disposal.



Household hazardous waste drop-offs are organized by Berrien County.  Please see their Household Hazardous Waste webpage for details. Also see the Berrien County Recycling Guide for more information on disposing of electronics, household hazardous waste, and special waste items.


Household hazardous waste includes non-latex paint products, automotive products, fuels, pesticides/ herbicides, aerosols, cleaners, acids/ bases, propane cylinders, photography chemicals, mercury, household batteries, swimming pool chemicals, beauty products, fluorescent lights, adhesives, medical waste, cooking oil, crack filler, driveway sealer, and roof coating.


Special waste includes the following items which are not accepted at the household hazardous waste drop-offs. Please click the links below for disposal and recycling options. 

The Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center is open year around and is FREE for Berrien County residents to use. Berrien County residents must show ID when using this facility. Learn more at Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center website, or call the Kalamazoo County HHW Hotline at 269-373-5211.
Questions? Please call 269-983-7111 Ext. 8234 or email the County Environmental Specialist


Expired Prescription Drop Box


The New Buffalo City Police Department, in conjunction with the Berrien County Health Department, has established a permanent pharmaceutical medication drop box in the lobby of the New Buffalo City Police Department, which is located at 224 W. Buffalo St. This drop box will allow any citizen to properly dispose of unwanted or expired prescription medication. Only pharmaceutical medications may be disposed of in this container. No illicit narcotics such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine etc… No needles, sharps, or syringes may be deposited. Liquid medications may not be disposed of in this container. Citizens can simply drop off their unwanted or expired medications in this drop box any time Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, except holidays.


This page last updated on 3/6/2018.

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