Chuck Sittig
City Assessor

Shalice Northrop
City Assessor's Assistant
224 W. Buffalo St.
New Buffalo, MI 49117

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET


1:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET

Telephone:  269-469-1500
After hours extension:  12

269-646-8020 -  after hours
Facsimile:  269-469-7917

Office of City Assessor


Chuck Sittig, City Assessor

The City Assessor is responsible for:

  • Preparing Assessment Roll
  • Working with the Board of Review
  • Preparing Tax Warrants to Certify Tax Roll
  • Maintain records regarding personal property statements, homestead exemption affidavits, transfer affidavits, real property record cards, tax maps, and other related items.
  • Processing the following Property Tax forms:

          Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits (Homestead Exemption)

          Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits 

          Property Transfer Affidavits


If you have any questions regarding these topics please contact City Assessor Chuck Sittig or his Assistant, Shalice Northrop between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm Eastern Time on Mondays and 1:00 and 4:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays and he will be glad to assist you.  Please call ahead to confirm.



Millage Rates



Entity/ purpose Homestead HS % Non-HS Non-HS %
City of New Buffalo 10.8646 36.7% 10.8646 22.9%
Berrien County 5.9723 20.2% 5.9723 12.6%
Education 12.7455 43.1% 30.6204 64.5%
TOTAL 29.5824 100.0% 47.4573 100.0%
Education includes:        
State Education 6.0000 20.3% 6.0000 12.6%
NB High School 1.8950 6.4% 1.8950 4.0%
Lake Mich. College 1.7854 6.0% 1.7854 3.8%
Regional School 2.3699 8.0% 2.3699 5.0%
Non-Homestead 0.0000 0.0% 17.8749 37.7%
Library 0.6952 2.4% 0.6952 1.4%



Plat Maps

1835 Plat: Village of New Buffalo
1836 Plat: Village of New Buffalo Add. (unused)
1837 Plat: West Addition of New Buffalo
1837 Plat: Virginia Addition of New Buffalo
1850 Plat: John Ryan Subdivision
1918 Plat: Central Addition
1920 Plat: Marquette Subdivision
1921 Plat: Rose Addition
1921 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blk 342
1926 Plat: Central Addition, No. 1
1926 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blks 355, 359 & 363
1927 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blk 96
1927 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blk 218
1927 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blk 341
1928 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blks 352 & 353
1929 Plat: Virginia Add Resub Pt Blk 221
1936 Plat: Wolverine Beach
1950 Plat: Sunset Shores No 1
1951 Plat: Sunset Shores No 2
1951 Plat: Sunset Shores No 3
1951 Plat: Sunset Shores No 4
1951 Plat: Sunset Shores No 5
1962 Plat: Debiak Sub
1962 Plat: Joseph Di Biak's (Debiak's) Sub
1962 Plat: Oliver H. England (Englund)
1962 Plat: Sunset Shores No 6
1963 Plat: Slechta Sub
1967 Plat: Joseph Debiak Sub
1967 Plat: Michael Debiak Sub
1976 Plat: Sunset Shores No 7
2005 Plat: Map of New Buffalo Am P
2006 Plat: Virginia Addition (Lake Mich View p 20)
2007 Plat: Marquette Sub-Division Am P
2007 Plat: Rose Addition Am P
2007 Plat: West Addition Part of Am P
2008 Plat: Virginia Add Am-Blk 160
2008 Plat: Virginia Add Am-Blk 161
2008 Plat: Virginia Add Am-Blks 147, 149 & 150
Sub-Division Plat Search



This page last updated on 3/7/2018.

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